Aluminum Boats


Fiberglass boats are popular because of their hydrodynamic design which provides outstanding maneuverability, soft rides, and stylish looks. Pressed aluminum boats are also popular because they have the ability to be light-weight and plane easier. Plate aluminum boats are highly respected because of their robust structure. Each category has its advantages, but none provide all the benefits together.

Only one craft offers all these advantages – Black Point Marine. By adopting advanced metal forming technology and new design concepts, Black Point Marine has revolutionized boating by providing superior control and riding quality with a lightweight, easy planing, and robust hull.


BPM 755 Series

755 LX

BPM 755LX Freedom

The ultimate offshore aluminum boat! The newest edition to the Black Point Marine family is the 755XL Freedom.

BPM 498 Series


BPM 498 A ‘Angler’

Designed with the sportsman in mind, the 498A ‘Angler’ provides plenty of features and performance for the most demanding conditions.


BPM 498 R

Take friends and family out for a day of fun in the sun with this recreational BPM 498 R. Lots of power for play will keep you busy all day.